I think we can all agree that we are addicted to the social network known as Facebook. However, as addicting as it may be, there are things we guys cannot stand about Facebook. In particular, it is what you ladies say or do while surfing the network.According to Cosmo Magazine, here are the Top 5 things that guys can't stand about Facebook. Ladies, if you are trying to attract someone on the social network, you may want to take notes here.

5. Posting Self Portrait Albums: This tells most guys you don't have friends. You are your BFF. Guys actually think you taking a photo of yourself is lame.

4. Writing Hate Dude Status Updates: Ever notice when a female goes through a break-up she hates ALL guys, and all guys are "pigs." Its not our fault your picked the bad apple out of the bunch.

3. Opening Your Vault: Most guys don't want to know EVERYTHING about you (the good and the bad). Sometimes you can say too much on Facebook.

2. Making The Duck Face: I personally still don't get this. Why? Why? Why? It can make an attractive girl or lady look silly and totally unattractive. Please stop!!!!

1. Getting All CIA on us: If you really want to turn a guy off, pretend you are part of the CIA and creep around the network looking for info on us. Guys really aren't into spies. Its sometime good just to go to the source.

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