It seems like forever ago when we learned the bad news that NFL Quarterback Michael Vick was slaughtering dogs in his own backyard! But, what happened to the dogs that survived? See them now.

Back in 2007 these dogs were saved from Michael Vick's home from being bait or from  fighting. Many people wanted to put the dogs down, because they were thought to be too dangerous for society. Well, they were wrong. These dogs were taken in by an organization called Best Friends Animal Society.

In all, there were only 22 dogs able to be saved from Michael Vick's home, and they call them "Victory Dogs." Where are they now? Here are just some of the dogs that have been adopted.


Best Friends Animal Society
Best Friend Animal Society

Halle, the black dog.

Best Friends Animal Society

This is a great animal shelter. To see the rest of the surviving dogs and their stories  please visit them or donate by CLICKING HERE.