With the rise in popularity of reality TV, a whole new breed of celebrity has emerged with no real redeemable talent other than being able to attract attention and remain relevant. However, it's hard to argue that the ability to stay in the public eye without any real talent isn't a talent in itself. For that reason, you won't find people like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Carmen Electra on this list. No, this list is reserved for those with even less talent. The celebrities who became famous simply for knowing other celebrities. The moochers of the celebrity world.

You won't find people like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Carmen Electra on this list. No, this list is reserved for those with even less talent. The celebrities who became famous simply for knowing other celebrities. The moochers of the celebrity world.
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Haylie Duff



Though Hillary Duff's sister Haylie was an aspiring actress for a long time, she found mainstream popularity when she began guest staring on her famous younger sister's show Lizzie McGuire. Haylie then enjoyed some musical success when the music video for her single "Our Lips Are Sealed" also featuring her sister began airing regularly on the Disney Chanel. Since then, Haylie has appeared as a guest star on a few TV shows that you've never heard of and some movies that you've never seen. Her most notable roles to date were her brief stent on long running TV series 7th Heaven and in the unlikely movie hit Napoleon Dynamite.

Though she has managed to find regular paying acting jobs since her early days on Lizzie McGuire, she's never managed to touch the fame she found early in her career collaborating with her sister.


Landon Collins' Momma



Landon Collins' Momma became an internet celebrity when the video of her now infamous anti-Alabama tirade went viral. And though her brief national TV appearance during her son's big moment was bad enough, this unlikely celebrity has had a hard time relinquishing the spotlight. She has since made headlines for accusing Alabama head coach Nick Saban of recruiting violations, has been the subject of a major ESPN the Magazine article, has appeared as a guest on just about every local news show that will have her, and may even have set into motion a curse on the entire state of Louisiana.

Landon's Momma might not be as famous as some of the others on this list, but her lack of talent, and the unapologetic way she's leveraged her son's big moment to garner attention for herself lands her at number six on our list.


Chanel West Coast



Chelsea Chanel Dudley, AKA Chanel West Coast, rose to celebrity as the rapping secretary on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Since then, Chanel done some modeling for Maxim as well as Dyrdek's "Reckless" clothing brand. Chanel has also become a co-host on Dyrdek's internet video spoof show "Ridiculousness" and has begun a musical career rapping on tracks with various artists.

Chanel's unlikely popularity has stemmed largely from the reality show juggernaut that Rob Dyrdek has somehow become. Whether or not the tiny MC's rap career will take off is yet to be seen. For now at least, we feel fairly comfortable with having Miss West Coast lock down the number five spot on our list.

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Nicole Richie



Adopted daughter of the most famous Commodore and one-time best friend of tabloid queen Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie rose to major celebrity status when her show "The Simple Life" starring Miss Richie and her uber-famous bff Paris Hilton hit national TV. Richie quickly became a TMZ fixture as fans followed the star's fluctuating weight, alleged drug abuse, and romance and subsequent marriage of Good Charlotte front-man Joel Madden.

Richie's star has began to fade in recent years as the popularity of all things Paris Hilton has begun to die out. And while Richie may have once been an "it girl", she was never THE "it girl". For that reason, Paris Hilton's friend lands at number four on our list.

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Spencer Pratt



Spencer Pratt gained fame for his roll on MTV's "The Hills" along with his longtime girlfriend and now wife Heidi Montag. And while Heidi has managed to remain relevant due to her odd career choices, Playboy magazine pictorial, rumored sex tape, failed music career, and plastic surgery procedures, her husband Spencer's relevance is tied mainly to saying inappropriate things to his wife and others.

We haven't heard much from Spencer lately as his infamous wife has managed to stay out of recent headlines. And though Mr. Pratt may have one time been the unanimous choice for the biggest douche in America award, his inability to maintain relevance without hanging on the coattails of his wife lands him the number three spot on our least talented celebrity list.


Deena Nicole Cortese



Like most of America, I was mesmerized by season one of MTV's "The Jersey Shore", but I began to lose interest by season two, and by season three I had more than enough. Unfortunately, season three was the debut for the pint sized party animal Deena. Though Deena has now been apart of the Jersey Shore crew for three seasons, she has yet to truly differentiate herself from her other more famous cast members.

While J-Woww may be the provocative one, Sami the mean one, and Snooki the...well Snooki, Deena hasn't been able to establish her own identity. She is essentially another Snooki, and you can't out Snooki the Snooki.

Deena may get attention while palling around with her infamous fake-tanned crew, but on her own nobody really cares. For being the least popular person on a show that is itself a who's who of untalented celebrities, Deena takes the number two spot on our list.

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Scott Disick



Taking home the number one spot on our list is America's current favorite metro-sexual, Scott Disick. Scott rose to popularity as the love interest of Kim's sister Kourtney in various Kardashian reality shows. Scott, like a bad guy pro-wrestler that somehow turns good, was originally despised for his whinny and arrogant personality, but has somehow amassed a large following over the years and has since become an unlikely fan favorite.

The biggest mystery in the entire Kardashian world surrounds Scotts career. Though he was once a model, and still does various photo shoots from time to time, little is known about his often alluded to business. Scott is often seen on the show discussing his busy work schedule and talking about different business ventures, but what Mr. Disick actually does remains a mystery to most.

Scott's personality has made him a prominent reoccurring character on the Kardashian's plethora of reality shows, and as of right now he is a star, but his inability to make a name for himself outside of the Kardashian brand combined with his abstruse career path land him the number one spot on our list of untalented celebrities. Congrats Scott, you earned it.