D-bags, tool, punks, The Situation, those guys go by many names. Call them what you want, but you can't deny that those guys have a damn good track record with the ladies.

So how do they do it? Are girls attracted to tools? I don't think that's true. Should you be more of a d-bag to get noticed? Well, I wouldn't go that far, but it may be helpful to look at the those guys bag of tricks to see how they do it. Here's a breakdown of why girls always seem to end up with...those guys.

1. Arrogance

Chances are you've got a lot more going for you than the gel hair'd tool bag she started dating. Thing is, no one told the tool bag. He presents himself like he's king of the world, and while your lack of confidence may hold you back, his overconfidence helps him to get into situations he probably doesn't deserve to be in. Maybe you've been waiting three years to make a move, but he's going for it. You've heard the phrase "catch her slipping", well those guys thrive on catching her slipping, and his confidence/arrogance is a big reason why.

2. Fashion

Sure, he may not own a pair of jeans that doesn't have rhinestones sewn into the pockets, and maybe his clothes are a few sizes too small, and his meticulously trimmed chin strap beard is a little ridiculous, but you have to admit that they guy takes pride in his appearance.

Most ladies will agree that while they don't need their man to be the best dressed guy in the room, they do expect him to look good. This means that you shouldn't just throw anything on and go out in public. Girls are paying attention. Take some pride in how you look. Present yourself respectably. You don't have to look like a GQ model, but people should be able to tell that you aren't homeless. The last thing a girl wants is a man that will embarrass her with the way he dresses.

3. Princess

Despite what princess movies may lead you to believe most girls are not looking for someone to worship them. In fact, kissing the ground she walks on will likely drive her away. In a relationship she's looking to at least be treated as an equal, and depending on how young/immature she is, maybe less than an equal. Those guys don't look at her like a princess, that's why she respects them. By living to serve her you are driving her straight to tool bag city, so don't put the princess on a pedestal.


There you have it, a brief explanation of why those guys always end up with the girls. Now that you know there secrets you may be able to save a young lady or two from bad relationships with bad dudes. If you enjoyed this, or if it hit a little too close to home please click the "Like" button and share this with your friends.