No this isn't a joke. Yes this is true, the Michael 'AIR' Jordan #23 is in talks and may make a comeback in the 2013 season. Call everyone you know. LOL! Seriously, this just may happen this year. You may be asking yourself, How old is Michael Jordan? Why is he returning? He just turned 50, and it makes sense for him. For more on this developing story and why he wants to come back check out the video.

Jalen Rose, former NBA great and the guy with major NBA connections, seems to think that Michael Jordan will play one game this season for the Charlotte Bobcats, but why you ask? According to Jalen Rose, it's because the team that Michael Jordan owns, the Charlotte Bobcats, wants to make an official Jordan jersey. They can't because it's against NBA rules.

Getty Images/ Mike Powell

So, Jordan wants to came back for a couple of games to make it official. Oh yeah, and there's this...  Nike Air Jordan thirtieth anniversary is coming up this year and they want to sell shoes. You better better believe they will if this happens. Here is what Jalen Rose had to say about the whole thing...