Since we reported on the viral screenshot of the woman who claimed she was "happy" for the Acadiana area flooding via her Facebook page, we thought it was only fair to also report that she has since apologized for her remarks, which as you will read below, weren't intended to hurt anyone.

Just wanted to say I am really sorry that all of you took this status In a serious matter. It was actually a joke between me & two of my friends who was actually in carencro in their house while this was happening. I Didn't mean to offend anyone, even though I didn't think it was a crime to state your own opinion on YOUR Facebook, it's called a FREEDOM OF SPEECH People! But once again I apologies for even posting it or not deleting it fast enough before someone takes it the wrong way.Even though sorry is to late it was said and I cant take what I said back. So I hope everyone find a place in ther heart to forgive me. Yall Be Safe!


To me, it's a responsible step in the right direction, and for her to step up and publicly take full responsibility is very respectable. I'm not sure if many people who are currently dealing with the headache of flood damage and property loss will agree with me, but still, a noble gesture indeed.