Samantha Malson's boyfriend was celebrating his 26th birthday. Malson's boyfriend was so happy, he was walking around the house singing Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop.' I guess he celebrated a little too much because his repeated singing of the track made his girlfriend so mad, she choked him out!

Good Lawd! I didn't think 'Thrift Shop' could make someone get their tag popped for real.

The Smoking Gun

There are so many factors that play into why this guy got assaulted:

  1. If you look at the pic of Samantha Malson she looks like she just got off of work, and probably had a bad day.
  2. Her boyfriend probably was singing off key, and got his tag popped for real.
  3. He lied and said he had 20 dollars in his pocket, to pay bills, but really he spent it all hanging out with his buddy's on his birthday. It happens.
  4. He was asked to stop singing 'Thrift Shop' over and over and didn't comply. So she beat his a$$.
  5. They got into an argument over if it was Nate Dogg on the track or not. He lost that argument.
  6. His blanket smelled like R. Kelly's sheets... pisssssssss.

So many things. So.. Many... Things.... could have gone wrong.

Get all the crazy details now over at The Smoking Gun, and press play while you're at it to see if you can hold off on slapping anyone while 'Thrift Shop' plays, LOL : )