Everyone has had a bad first date, but Nemeha Milien's date with 19-year-old Donald McGee was horrific. It began as a usual normal first date. A nice lunch, a long walk on the beach, and hoping to end it with a kiss? Not in her case, because he didn't steal her heart. Instead, he stole her car! You've read that right - CARJACKED! 

Nemeha Milien said:"I'm glad that I'm alive to be able to see my 21st birthday because I want to be able to make a difference in this world," Milien said. "If I had died on that night, I wouldn't have done anything."

Milien is doing well, just a little shaken up. Officers chased McGee on Interstate 95 for about eight miles until he lost control of the vehicle. He faces charges of armed carjacking, robbery with a firearm and possession of marijuana.

Milien told the station that she has no plans to date anyone else anytime soon.