A woman ended up in the hospital after she continued having orgasms two hours after sex, and the entire aftermath was caught on video.

The man shooting the NSFW footage can be heard snickering as the lady fought through uncontrollable orgasms to explain her situation to the doctor. I can only assume he is the one to blame being that she says the two were recently married, and at one point in the video the doctor even looks over and asks him what he did to the poor woman!

As crazy as this situation seems, a very similar situation was recently featured on an episode of TLC's reality series "Sex Sent Me To the ER"—a show that documents sexual escapades that land couples in the emergency room.

At first I thought that this was too crazy to be true, but then I thought to myself—"Why would anyone go through something so shameful, let alone go through the hassle of being admitted to the hospital for the sake of a viral video?"

There have been stories of alleged situations where some people have had to make lifestyle changes because of these orgasms that suddenly trigger. One woman was even rumored to have committed suicide over it.

From what it looks like in this video, this lady seems to be a good sport about the whole thing. Lets just hope that all we saw here was an extra long orgasm!

The woman told the doctor that nothing like this has ever happened to her before, and while the first 10 minutes were awesome, 2 hours later she found herself exhausted. She also said the situation was "embarrassing" but that didn't stop her from asking her husband to film the whole ordeal so that she could look back on it one day.

I have a feeling she will NEVER forget her honeymoon.