I'm from New Orleans, LA, where you hear about stabbings and shootings every single day. I hate to say you get used to it but, you kind of do. This is the first time I've ever, and I do mean ever, heard that some one got stabbed with a furry little, nut eating, squirrel.

You know, the animals your dog loves to chase? They can now be used as a deadly weapon. Yes, assault with a deadly squirrel. This definitely made me go WTH?

Welcome to South Carolina, and you better watch out for Hellan Ann Williams, the lady accused of this crazy act of violence. Hellan was charged with criminal domestic violence after stabbing her husband not just once but twice. Once in the chest and another time in the shoulder. Too bad she didn't go for his nuts... too soon?  Luckily for her husband, the squirrel was fake and he wasn't seriously injured. Hellen was held in jail with a $10,000 bond.

This story reminds me of this commercial.