People do some dumb things when they're mad. Take Jean Price from Florida for instance. She got very agitated when a ABC News reporter Josh Taylor showed up at her house. She went as far as stealing his company vehicle while he was filming.

The story goes, news reporter Josh Taylor was covering a story about rental fraud in Siesta Key, Florida. While setting up to shoot the news stor,y Ms. Price confronted him and asked him to leave.

When Taylor said 'no it's a public street', Ms Price got agitated and started to threaten the reporter. She even started throwing his tripod in to the news vehicle. When that didn't work Ms. Price jumped in to the front seat of the vehicle and drove off in it, leaving it down the street and telling the news reporter to go get it .

It's a little extreme, but Ms. Price is now being charged with grand theft auto.

After watching the video what do you think? Is this grand theft auto or a case of the reporter should have just left?

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