52 year old Jacqueline Simpson from Brooklyn walked into McDonald's A beautiful gospel singer, she ordered her favorite sandwich, the McChicken, she ate it,  and walked out not being able to sing. According to her it was because of the chicken sandwich. 

Jacqueline Simpson claims the chicken sandwich had a piece of glass in it causing her to lose her beautiful singing voice.  Simpson goes on saying :

“I have to make a lot of calls for work, and I have to tell people that I’m not a man,”


Simpson filed a lawsuit this week, the only thing is it happened back 2010.

The Huffington Post contacted Paul Goodman, who owns and operates a number of McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan, for comment. Goodman said he would look into the incident.

So we looked Jacqueline Simpson too see what she sounded like before, check it out:


...and this is what she sounds l like now :



You can see why she is so upset! LOL!