Last time I heard of criminals smuggling drugs, I thought stuffing them in socks was still in style.  According to msnbc, a South Carolina woman tried to sneak in 'The Good Stuff' with a BIBLE!  It wasn't anything too serious though, just the normal like: a cell knives, a couple of little white pills called ecstasy, and 28 grams of cocaine. Earlier this month police found out that 28-year-old Shareca Latoya Jones mailed a package to an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution.  After the package was mailed BACK to the post office, what seemed as a nice present turned out to be a bundle of surprises.  After investigating the package, police found two hollowed out bibles containing knives, drugs, and a couple of other goodies.  Not exactly your typical Christmas present am I right?

If that wasn't already enough, once Jones was identified, the police found drugs, cash, cell phones, and a loaded handgun in her car.  Don't worry, she was released from jail on bond though.