Making a song dedicated to Miley Cyrus' infatuation with twerking wasn't enough for the Ying Yang Twins, so they found a Miley look-a-like to be the star twerker in the official video. The song 'Miley Cyrus' has brought the duo a lot attention as of late with the recent craze over twerking, and rightfully so, being that Ying Yang was at the forefront of the twerk movement.

The Ying Yang Twins were making booty-shaking party music when twerking mainly took place in strip clubs, and behind the booming walls of late night hotspots; well before the dance became a cult internet video fad. For instance, when the Ying Yang Twins debut 'Whistle While You Twerk' came out, Miley Cyrus was barely 8 years old.

Crazy, right? Here's to the summer of 2000! #TwerkNostalgia