We have all had that moment when we are there sitting at the computer, starring at the monitor, and we can't remember the password to your e-mail or social media account. Well today we learn there is good reason for forgetting the password. Most of us according to a report have ten or more passwords embedded in our memory, thus we often forget which password goes to which account.As a result, research shows, one in three of us resorts to writing down our details to avoid forgetting them completely. In addition to that, the report states that many of us have resorted to using the same password for more than one site simply to eliminate confusion or guessing.

Most people use easy-to-remember items of personal information such as the name of a pet, an important date or their mother's maiden name when creating a password, but security experts warn these are easy for experienced fraudsters to work out. To keep your information secure, experts suggest mixing up the letters of a familiar word with a particular website.