Its pretty safe to say everyone has been in a situation were they are constantly on the move and most of the time we neglect doing something at the house.  I know for myself its always folding clothes and if your in my situation, I found a video that can help us out!People take short cuts with clothes all the time, and I can think of 3 things I do everyday to cut the corners:

1.) Who needs an iron?

-  If the shirt is wrinkled, why take the time to neatly iron your clothes? The easiest way is to throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes(Trust me it works!).

2.) Damp spots.

- Sometimes the dryer doesn't work all the way and there is always that one spot that isn't quite dry.  If its the summer.......feel free to throw them into the car and let mother nature take its course!

3.) Wear jeans twice.

- Ok, this 3rd one I have never done, but I've had some people tell me to do this(Personally I think this is somewhat gross, but I don't judge).  If you weren't that active during the day or if you don't smoke there is no harm in wearing them twice.

Now I have always been a believer in that we can 'always learn more' and thanks to this guy, we just might do that!

If you know a couple more tricks, feel free to post them below!