'How is Santa going to know where I am?'

That was the line from an adorable little boy that convinced us that we absolutely HAD to do something for the families at Faith House who are there as a result of domestic violence.

For the sixth year in a row, we're teaming up with Faith House to make Christmas wishes come true for families right here in Acadiana. We're working to make the holidays brighter for 12 local families who have found themselves struggling to get back on their feet as survivors of domestic violence.

But we can't do it alone; so that's where you come in.

Thandy Yung, Unsplash
Thandy Yung, Unsplash

We're asking our amazing Hot 107.9 listeners (that's you!) to help us take care of the entire Christmas wish list of one Faith House family a day during the 12 Days of Giftmas. Each family's Wish List will be posted daily on our website here at 1079ishot.com and updated in real-time as we put each item under the tree for these deserving Faith House families to find on Christmas morning.

In the past, our listeners have always answered the call with generous donations for our local families in need and we know this year will be no different. The holidays are especially tough for these families who are already going through one of the hardest years of their lives—but with your help, we can help spread a little anonymous holiday cheer at Faith House with the '12 Days of Giftmas.'

Family #9

Mom and 3 children

Mom: 1. Umbrella 2. Coffee with mug 3. Gift Card to Starbucks 4. Robe 5. Netflix gift card

Girl age 12: 1. Yarn to crochet 2. Vines or LED lights for wall 3. Stuffed Animal (frog or sloth) 4. Bracelets or rings 5. Earbuds (Bluetooth-like air pods)

Girl 3: 1. Books 2. Encanto toys 3. Baby doll (African American) 4. Learning toys 5. Blanket

Boy 15: 1. Xbox anything 2. Tennis Shoes (9 ½ in men) 3. Hoodie (red- size med in men) 4. Earbuds (like are pods) 5. Something nice for Mom (like perfume)



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