Women are incredible creatures, and while they come in all shapes and sizes (with a variety of attitudes) there are certain things they can all relate to. I have the privilege of speaking to many different women over the phone. That probably sounds pretty risque, but it's actually through the request line at the radio station, lol. One day I actually had a topic on my show that pertained to the "essentials" that every woman should have. The responses were amazing, and ranged from basic female necessities, like classic wardrobe items and good nutrition and exercise routines, to extremities like men on the side, matching bra and panty sets and ummm .... "toys." I decided to take the most popular responses that were shared by both the modest "good girl" types, and the "wild ones," to help me form the ultimate list of 12 things that every woman should have at their fingertips at all times.

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A Good Job Making Her Own Money

All my women, independent - throw your hands up at me. In addition to being financially independent, and not having to rely on anyone else to keep her bills paid, all women should make and manage their own money. Financial skills are essential, and both men and women should be knowledgeable to avoid any stress or financial hardship if any particular situation arises later in life.
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A Good Man

It doesn't matter who he is, or what his relation may be, but every women should have a good man in her life. A father, a brother, a husband, a boyfriend, a true friend. Every woman should have a male in their life that possesses integrity, self-confidence, maturity, honesty, respect and a good positive attitude. Someone who will stand up for her no matter what, and move furniture and heavy things when needed.
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A Unique Fragrance

As early as i could remember, women have always "smelled good." My mom smelled good. My grandma smelled good. My elder sister of 7 years smelled good. My first crush in middle school smelled good. My first real girlfriend smelled good. My current girlfriend smells good. In addition to smelling good, all the aforementioned had their own unique smell. Every woman is different, so why not pick a fragrance that solely defines "you." Just make sure you smell good.
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A Nice Pair Of Sunglasses

It seems that great sunglasses have replaced great bags when it comes to women making their entry into the world of high fashion. In addition to being a great accessory with great function, sunglasses are the most visible accessory. A pair of designer sunglasses may be expensive, but not nearly as expensive as a designer bag that will just end up under the table or on the arm of a chair. Sunglasses are the only thing that can take a woman from sweat-suit mode to celebrity glam status in a matter of seconds.
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A Little Black Dress

It is simple, elegant, versatile and often cut short. They are made to be long lasting and they never go out of style. Every woman should have at least one little black dress in their wardrobe ready at a moments notice to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The style of the dress should always be as simple as possible so that it remains a staple in your wardrobe for a number of years. Plus, its the perfect thing to wear when you need to meet the employer or man of your dreams in less than one hour.
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A Simple Set Of Tools

Every woman should have their own set of tools to handle any project that may come their way. Even if it's just to hang up a picture, a woman should be ready and able. A small set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, a hammer and a pair of pliers should be enough to tackle any routine handiwork around the house, but by all means, if there as an urge to go full on Bob Vila tool status, don't let anyone stop you.
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A Handbag That Goes With Anything

The handbag is similar to sunglasses, given the fact that they are usually entry point into the designer world for most women. Some of the big brands can cost thousands, but other handbags that may provide the same function can be picked up for around $10 and still offer a trendy look. No matter the cost, size or brand name - every woman should have that handbag that goes with everything. Dressed up, dressed down, or for everyday use, you will know the perfect handbag when you find it.
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A Solid Education

Contrary to what a lot of old-fashioned people may believe, it isn't the male's responsibility to go to school and get a good job, and it's a woman's job to marry him and tend to their young. Sadly, that's not how it goes down. Not all girls get married, and those who do, don't always stay married. Actually, most wives work these days, and some are actually the breadwinners of the family. (and there isn't a damn thing wrong with that) Even if you do stay at home to look after children, an education is never wasted. Who do you think teaches children the majority of things they need to know? A woman will always be able to support herself (and her kids, if need be) with a solid education. At minimum, every woman should achieve their high school diploma or GED, if not a college education.
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Heels That Send A Message

In addition to black, brown and nude heels, every woman should have that one pair of heels that turn heads when she enters the room. Maybe it's that bright electric blue pair of satin heels. Maybe it's that pair of animal print heels that go perfectly with your best jeans (we'll get to those in a minute). Whether you are looking to let guys know that you are single and ready to mingle, or just enjoy making every woman in the room wish those were on her feet, make sure you own a pair of heels that speak volumes - no matter what you want them to say.
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A Properly Sized Good Bra

Can you believe that the majority of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size? Being properly fitted for the right bra size can work wonders for the look and the feel of the twins. It's all about support and comfort, and if you ask any woman who has been properly sized, they will speak of the incredible results that they have experienced. While you're at it, don't skimp on the quality. If you are properly sized, why not treat yourself to an expensive bra made of great materials. (black lace and strapless are must-haves)
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That One Pair Of Jeans That Fit Perfectly

Every woman should have that ONE pair of jeans that, in addition to being comfortable, accentuate and elevate her silhouette from the waist down. The perfect pair of jeans are the ones that fit your body type the best while staying true to your personal style. Dark or Light rinse. Bootcut or Flare. Skinnys or Straight leg. Dressed up or dressed down, they can effortlessly transition from day to night and give you that slim legged bootylicious look that only your perfect jeans can deliver.
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A True Best Friend(s)

While it is ok for women to have multiple "best friends," make sure there is at least one in that group that is a true best friend. The person that will have your back when there is nothing in it for them. A true best friend who will help you through your toughest times, and pick you up from your hardest falls. A true best friend won't worry about hurting your feelings when it comes to being straight up and honest with with you. True best friends are special, so make sure you do what it takes to always have at least one in your life.

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