If you've ever struggled with finding the perfect fit when it comes to jeans, this may be your solution.

A company called "Like A Glove" makes 'smart leggings' that will literally take your measurements when you put them on. The leggings use sensors located throughout the garment to find the perfect fit when it comes to all your measurable parts.

Many women have expressed their frustration when it comes to shopping for denim—whether it's having to bounce around from store to store or finding jeans that may fit in some places but are too long, too tight, or too big in others.

What's even worse is when online shoppers have to suffer in silence when they realize their jeans simply don't fit.

"Like A Glove" claims their leggings work by using the sensors that connect via blue-tooth to an app. Within seconds the app produces a list of recommended jeans based on your measurements.

The leggings are $68, which may sound expensive, but it seems like friends and family are teaming up to cut that cost by sharing a pair of leggings to find that perfect pair of jeans. Also, size doesn't seem to be an option according to the website.

Would you try it?

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