A horrific scene unfolded as the driver of a tractor-trailer was killed after driving off of an overpass outside of Dallas.

Eyewitnesses are still shaken after seeing the truck land on a service road, bursting into flames after flying off of the overpass on U.S. 75.

According to one couple interviewed by WFAA, it was a moment that nothing could have prepared them for.

I don’t know. It was surreal. It felt like something you see in a movie

Anthony and Renee Reid said it was "like slow motion" seeing the truck veering off of the overpass before it crashed into the ground below.

It was like slow motion, the truck coming down. You can’t believe there’s a truck coming down off the bridge and then boom

There were multiple cars stopped at the service road intersection and one of them caught the harrowing incident on dashcam.

After seeing the fiery crash, there were a few people (including the Reids) who hurried over to try to save the driver but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The first thing I said was, ‘The driver, where’s the driver? The driver.' My husband was like, ‘We have to go try to help.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know if we can do anything,’

According to police, the 18-wheeler crashed into a car before swerving into the guardrail, eventually going over the edge.

While letters and packages were seen amongst the wreckage, it hasn't been determined if the truck belonged to USPS or not.

While the eyewitnesses are still shaken from the experience, the general consensus is that the fatal accident was a reminder of how precious life really is.

I went home and I just started crying. I felt like my life, I felt like I died with that person because it was so close.

See the latest on this developing story including new details from police and a response from the spouse of the driver who died in the fatal accident here via WFAA.

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