Louisiana State Police says a stretch of I-55 southbound would be closed at Manchac for several hours on Sunday (Feb. 26) to recover an 18-wheeler that crashed into a canal after running off the interstate earlier this week.

Authorities did not give a report or an explanation on how or why the truck left the roadway, but images showed a sunken 18-wheeler as authorities worked on recovering the large vehicle.

In one of the images shared by State Police, an iridescent film could be seen in the water surrounding the truck which could be a variety of fluids.

Louisiana State Police
Louisiana State Police

Of course, many commenters were concerned with the driver who is said to be fine after the accident, but more and more people were concerned with how the crash will affect the water supply.

If a vehicle crashes and sinks into the water, there is a risk that it could contaminate the local water supply. This depends on a few things, like what's inside the vehicle, how much of it leaks out, and how close the water supply is.

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For example, if the vehicle's fuel or oil tanks get damaged, that stuff can leak out and make the water unsafe to drink. And if there were any chemicals or pesticides in the vehicle, those can contaminate the water too.

The battery in a vehicle has acid, which is pretty toxic, and that can also leak out and mess up the pH levels in the water. And when the vehicle breaks apart, it can release debris into the water that can hurt aquatic life or clog up waterways.

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In some cases, even if the water supply isn't right next to the accident site, the contaminated water can flow downstream and still cause problems further away.

If a vehicle does crash and sink into water, it's important to call the authorities right away so they can assess the risks and take action to protect the water and environment.

In this case, police and other agencies are already on the scene and multiple people have confirmed that the truck wasn't carrying any other fuel, liquids, etc.; so any necessary information that needs to get out to the public will be announced via the proper channels if need be.

In any case, the driver of this truck is lucky to be alive.

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