Let's face it, we all hate going to the doctor's office. Whether its because we fear the results of a visit or the amount of time it takes to see a doctor, we just DO NOT like going to the doctor. With that said, more and more people are going to "Dr. Google" to determine whatever type illness they may have. Yes, the average person is now allowing the internet to diagnose them and more often than not, the diagnosis is inaccurate. According to an article on Dailymail, researchers have found that one in four British women, 25% of women, has misdiagnosed themselves on the internet – then bought the wrong product to try to cure their illness.


It is safe to say that we have all put TOO much trust in the internet and now we are putting ourselves and our health at risk because of it, the internet.

Of all the mistakes made by women, the biggest mistake or most common mistake is diagnosing came with cancer. The most common false alarm came over breast cancer, while many women had wrongly diagnosed themselves as having thrush, high blood pressure or asthma.

Balance Activ spokesman Penny McCormick said: ‘There is an increasing trend towards using the internet to diagnose any irregularities or worries we have about our bodies."

I have spoken to many that work in the medical field and all have say that they have encountered patients who come into the office and tell them what they have. More often than not, the patient has already done research on the symptoms they may be having, and thus have come up with their own diagnosis prior to even being treated by trusted medical professional. One of the reasons many elect to do their own research and diagnosis themselves is because the patient is embarrassed to talk about their medical condition(s) with the professional

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