Here in Lafayette, we have some great food options. We all know this and gladly tell anyone who will listen where they can find the best plate of food.

However, it feels really good when we get noticed on a national level especially when that spotlight comes from the experts.

Now I know that there have been several Lafayette restaurants that have been featured on national television but here are five Lafayette restaurants that had the chance to showcase their amazing cuisine.


Pop’s Poboys- Man vs. Food

Pop's Poboys is one of my favorite restaurants to go to. They not only have great food but they have unique food that gives the Louisiana favorites a special spin.



Johnson’s Boucaniere- Food Paradise

Johnson's Boucaniere is absolutely phenomenal! If you have never been to this restaurant I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and head over there. Their food is hands down the best!

You can watch the full episode here.



Viva la Waffle Truck- Eat Street

Viva la Waffle was a staple in Lafayette as a food truck for many years before deciding to close up shop. They have recently reopened and I could not have been more excited that this restaurant was coming back to a brick and mortar store.



Izumi Ramen- Man vs. Food

Lafayette is not only home to local cajun cuisine but we also have an amazing selection of ethnic foods. This is one of the main things that I love about this city, you can literally find any variety of food that you want and most of the time it will be delicious.




Prejean’s Restaurant- Food Paradise and Man vs. Food

Prejean's is a fan favorite. Whether you are taking out of towners to dinner or you simply want to eat a plate of delicious local food you can find some of the best here.


Did you miss this episode? Don't worry it will be played again a few times in the next coming weeks, you can see the schedule here.


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