You may have heard about LARC and all that it offers it's citizens, but have you ever seen them hard at work separating Mardi Gras beads? I went behind-the-scenes Tuesday to see all of the work that goes into separating the beads that are donated.

Yes, if you don't know what to do with all of the leftover beads from Mardi Gras, you can donate them to LARC at Acadian Village. 

The drop-off point is actually in Acadian Village. You enter through the gate on the western side of village and the building to drop the beads off is in the log cabin, that has a huge sign on it that says, "Mardi Gras Beads-N-More."

The director of LARC told me that the workers wait all year for this. Separating the beads not only gives the citizens of LARC something to do, but it also puts money in their pockets.

The beads that are donated are cleaned and resold during carnival season. And yes, they are sold at a discounted rate. The money raised helps fund LARC and puts money into the pockets of those separating/cleaning the beads.

So, if you don't know what to do with the beads you have stashed away after Mardi Gras, put them to good use and donate them to LARC today.

Seeing these citizens hard at work was such an inspirational thing. Keep up the good work!

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