In April of 2021, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District Nine (KYTC) replaced a 4-way stop with a mini-roundabout and things aren't going well.

KYTC decided that a mini-roundabout would be the best solution for the intersection of Routes 60 and 801 in Rowan County as the intersection had been experiencing a high number of accidents. What they failed to realize is that motorists in eastern Kentucky are not the smartest drivers in the world.

After the project was completed, KYTC took to Facebook to announce the mini-roundabout's opening.
As a reminder, all traffic entering the circle should yield to traffic already in the circle - traffic inside a roundabout has the right of way. And, remember that a distinct feature of this mini-roundabout is a gently-sloping central island and aprons that CAN be used by commercial trucks, RVs, boat trailers and other larger vehicles. -KYTC
The Facebook post went on to offer Kentucky motorists a few suggestions.
  • Everything is a right turn into the roundabout. Yield to traffic already in the circle, then turn right to enter the circle and continue around until you need to exit. Don't forget to signal.
  • Cars in the roundabout do not need to stop or yield to others entering the roundabout. While it's nice to be courteous, please avoid waving someone into the circle. It can cause confusion of create traffic jams. Drivers inside the circle have the right of way and it will clear in time for others to enter.
  • More than one vehicle can be in the roundabout at the same time. When there is enough space, enter the circle - yielding to traffic already in the circle - and proceed.

This is the original Facebook Posting from KYTC

This is what's really happening at the new mini-roundabout

Susan Allen Highfield responded, "People this isn't some new concept that we have purchased blueprints from outer space for."

Omg something modern in eastern ky, quick everybody hate it...Get with the times people, more of these will be coming because they're safer and faster. -Joe Bromagen

"I don't see where complaining will get any of you lol. It's already completed they aren't going to remove it to make you happy. Just admit that you don't know how to use one and get over it. And once you get over it, do your research on how to use one. If you don't like it there are back roads you can take." said Facebook user Lakota Stevens. Steven went on to say, "Take a different route if you're not happy.

Does that Dollar Store sell beer? -David Gore


Kentucky isn't the only place on Earth with roundabout problems


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