I got a "thank you" note from a trooper.

On our way back from a family beach vacation, we saw blue lights flashing in the opposite direction. My husband was driving and I, of course, was nosy. What I saw made my heart smile, so I decided to share it on Facebook.

A coworker of Trooper Cannon emailed me as well to say his supervisors would be notified so he could be recognized by his peers.

Two thoughts struck me after this Facebook exchange:

1) Trooper Cannon was doing his job, as are the majority of troopers and law enforcement officers with integrity each and every day. They will help change a tire, or they will protect you if your life is in danger. If you call 911, no matter what the reason is, police officers will be the first ones on the scene. Always.

2) My grandmother, Mae Mae (whom I adored), used to grab me by the shoulders when she saw an injustice or felt the world needed changing and say, "You people need to do something!" Posting a message of appreciation when we see something worthy, telling someone they are doing a great job, smiling at someone when you make eye contact unexpectedly, trying to get something done instead of telling someone they need to do it, and encouraging each other instead of tearing them down are all small things that are really big things.