A woman in Connecticut, Penny Pompa, was about to lose her home because of unexpected medical bills, and then the fine folks from Publisher's Clearing House came knocking at her front door to save the day.

Penny has four kids to support and has recently been going through some tough times financially. She says that she has been praying for a miracle so that she doesn't lose her home. Well, apparently, someone was listening to Penny's prayers because she just won the $1 Million Jackpot from Publisher's Clearing House.

When the prize patrol from Publisher's Clearing House came knocking, Penny was asleep and she says that she thought she was dreaming, but when she saw the HUGE check they had for her---she knew that her prayers had just been answered.

Its always refreshing to see people win these type contests. This woman's life just got a whole lot easier, and she deserves this "break" in life.