Last night we had the drawing at "Prime" in Downtown Lafayette for the "Money Boo Boo" promotion where we are paying someone's bills for the REST OF THE YEAR!! All of the qualifiers came together for this special night, and we are happy to announce that Billie Segura of New Iberia was the winner of our promotion.

Mrs. Segura is a bus driver in Iberia parish, and has been for many years. Through the years, Mrs. Segura has provided gifts and treats to the kids on her bus, and as she so eloquently put it, "I never ask for anything in return, I just love my kids." Well tonight she got what she has never asked for, and this time it was her turn to be on the receiving end of good things.

One by one qualifiers were eliminated, but at the end, it was Mrs. Segura left standing at the front of the stage. She says her cable bill, which is close to $500 per month, is the one bill she hates to pay each and every month. Well, we are happy to announce that for the rest of the year she will NOT have to pay that cable bill, or any other bill for that matter, as we will cover all of her bills going into the holiday season.

We want to congratulate all of our listeners who qualified to win "Money Boo Boo's" money, and we hope that all of you had as much fun as we did during the drawing. We would also like to thank Prime in Downtown Lafayette for hosting our event and we would also like to thank Square One Print and Apparel for printing the t-shirts for the event. Every qualifier scored an official Hot 107-9 "Money Boo Boo" t-shirt last night.

In the days/weeks ahead , be sure to keep your radio locked into Hot 107-9 because we have MORE MONEY to giveaway as we go into the holiday season, and this time we want it to be YOU on the receiving end!! Thanks again to all of you who qualified, and as always---thanks for choosing Hot 107-9 as your favorite radio station in Acadiana!!!