The Lafayette skate community is coming together to support the adoption of an ordinance that would provide funding for the Thomas Skate Park to be constructed in the city. Many are rallying on social media, as the Lafayette City Council will be considering the ordinance at tonight's meeting.

Instagram via @skateparkoflafayette
Instagram via @skateparkoflafayette

City Ordinance No. CO-179-2021 looks to allocate $250,000 in funds towards the construction of Thomas Skate Park in Lafayette. Thomas Park currently exists off of Geraldine Drive and the Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture project certainly seems to be one that is important to many people across Acadiana.

Locals Rally Around Lafayette Skate Park Ordinance

Those helping organize the efforts for this skate park say that this is a community effort to benefit all types of skaters. BMX-ers, skateboarders, roller skaters, rollerbladers, and scooter riders are all a part of the charge to bring a concrete skate park to Lafayette.

Many locals are sharing the below Instagram post from @skateparkoflafayette to help spread the message about tonight's city council meeting.

From the looks of the comment section, there are certainly a lot of people in the skating community who are elated about the idea of Lafayette getting a concrete skate park.


The ordinance for the skate park was introduced on December 15, 2021 and was given approval by all four city council people present at that meeting. Now, the ordinance goes to its final disposition as the community hopes that the council gives its ultimate vote of approval on the skate park.

What will the Thomas Skate Park in Lafayette look like?

There has been work going into the planning of this proposed skate park for some time now. Check out some renderings from last September that give an idea of how the concrete skate park would look in Thomas Park.

While there are certainly more adjustments and final decisions to be made on what the skate park itself will end up looking like, the excitement from the local skate community is clear to see.

In addition to the concrete skate park that is planned for Thomas Park, there is also an indoor skatepark, BMX bike, and lifestyle shop that is in the works for Downtown Lafayette. The folks over @magnolialouisiana say that project should be done in March of 2022 and you can find them on Instagram below.

I'm no seasoned-skater, but I am a supporter of anything that gets people outside and active. The skating community has grown in Lafayette over recent years and the addition of a concrete skatepark would give them a place to enjoy what they love and hone their craft.

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So if you support the Thomas Skate Park project and would like to display that support, the Lafayette City Council meets tonight, January 4, 2021, at 5 p.m. to have a final vote on the ordinance.

Facebook via Liz Webb Hebert, City Councilwoman
Facebook via Liz Webb Hebert, City Councilwoman

To see a full list of ordinances being considered at tonight's meeting, click here.

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