Remember when Budweiser started the "America" campaign this summer? Anheuser Busch took a big risk in May when it replaced the traditional "Budweiser" beer cans with "America" cans.

Not only was the branding change a summer promotion for the iconic company, it was also a lead-in for the 2016 political season.

Well, now that the political season is coming to an end, so too are the cans that have "America" written across them. Yes, soon you will no longer see the traditional Budweiser can with "America" written on it in stores/bars.

With a new President comes change and this time it brings back "Budweiser" to the can of beer. Hey, it was a good run, but sometimes you just have to return to your roots.

If you have one of the cans with "America" written across it, save it. One day it could be worth a lot of money. Of course, if it remains unopened.

Nice job, Budweiser. We salute your patriotism.


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