It's that time again, when thoughts turn to those in your life and how wonderful they are, and how much fun a prank would be to pull on them. Pranks can be as sophisticated or as simple as you'd like, just be prepared for someone to prank you as well. To get you ready for the big day, here's a list of some of my favorite pranks.

What's That Sound?

When your co-worker/family member is away from the computer, crank up the speakers and watch what happens.

Unexpected Shower

Classic for home use. Tape the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer so when they turn on the faucet, they get a lil surprise.

Breakfast of Champions

Mornings are always a great time for pranks. The victim usually isn't really awake enough to catch on, and their reactions are classic. Hadn't seen this one before, and if you can get the right addition to this prank, it should work wonderfully.

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