Remember the car salesman who went viral from the Baton Rouge area after posting a video on Twitter encouraging folks to visit the dealership where he works?

Well, Durrell Smylie, also known as Relly B on social media, will take part in some of the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl today from Tampa, FL.

Durrel announced on Instagram that he will be apart of the “first-ever” Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate.

Yes, our man who brought the catchphrase "Where the money reside, Where the money reside" to the internet will be in front of a huge viewing audience on Super Bowl Sunday.

For those interested in viewing Durrel, the streaming will start at 1:30 pm CENTRAL standard time.

Miley Cyrus will reportedly headline the #TikTokTailgate live stream prior to the big game between the Bucs and the Chiefs.


And if you forgot who the viral sensation is from Baton Rouge, here's the video that made him famous on line and across several social media platforms.

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