We've seen plenty of videos of bears wreaking havoc amongst humans, but one bear in New Jersey walks around like he's one of the locals—literally.

The bear, known as "Pedals" to Oak Ridge residents, has become somewhat of a famous sight in the New Jersey town—so familiar that neighborhood residents aren't even fazed when he strolls through the hood.

His nicknamed comes from the term, "bipedal," being that the black bear walks upright on two legs. Sadly, the reason Pedals walks this way is because of serious injuries to his front legs. One of his paws is completely missing, and the other dangles loosely.

Neighbors say as long as he isn't aggressive, Pedals isn't a bother to anyone and should be left alone. Some have even started fundraising efforts to possibly help the injured bear and believe officials should catch Pedals so they can treat his legs.

According to David Mizjewski from the National Wildlife Federation, Pedals resilience isn't uncommon.

Black bears are incredibly adaptable animals.The will to survive is really strong.

Even though Pedals is a nice guy, bears can be dangerous and aggressive—or just flat out rude, like the bear that sent one Alaskan camper into a hilarious shrieking meltdown after he proceeded to eat her kayak.

Bears, ya'll.