First, we had rumors. Then we saw the event. Now we have the ice cream.

Big Freedia teamed up with Ben & Jerry's to bring a 'bouncin beignet' flavor to our taste buds. The event happened over Essence weekend in New Orleans with the big reveal going down at Republic.

Ben & Jerry's linked with The Queen of Bounce for the one-time-only sundae—and that's the catch... it was one time only! Guests at the event were able to taste vanilla ice cream with bourbon caramel swirled and served with delicious New Orleans beignets.

Even though we may never taste this delicious concoction, all proceeds from the event were donated to local New Orleans non-profits. Check out this cool documentary that coincided with the big event to learn more about Freedia and what she's doing for the youth in her hometown of New Orleans.

Hopefully, we'll see (and taste) her ice cream on shelves one day. You already know!

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