A little girls 11th birthday went up in smoke after a Silly String prank gone wrong caused her to be engulfed in flames. According to the Daily Mail, the fire was caused by remnants of Silly String that came into contact with the cake and acted as as fuse as the girl blew out her candles.

There aren't many other details about this video or how badly the little girl was hurt, but it does look like the fire was put out quickly by family members.

The "about" section of the Silly String website states:

SILLY STRING Brand Spray Streamer, the original fun in a can, is non-toxic, non-flammable, 100% safe for children and the environment and made in the USA. It's perfect for parties, pranks, play and all-around fun. Nothing makes people of all ages giggle, laugh, run and squeal like a can or two of SILLY STRING Brand Spray Streamer.

They should probably change the whole "non-flammable" and "100% safe for children" part. Not only is it clearly flammable and unsafe for children, but after watching this video I think it's safe to say that Silly String is also 100% not all-around fun.


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