Is it country music? Is it rap music? Does it matter?

Ever since Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' exploded onto the music scene and dominated the music charts the country-rap conversation has definitely heated up. On one hand, you've got purists in both respective genres that aren't too thrilled about the song while others find it extremely catchy and fun.

Now Blanco Brown is throwing his cowboy hat into the ring with a line dance that is taking off online with #TheGitUpChallenge.


The challenge is centered around Blanco Brown's single 'The Git Up' which has a gnarly line dance that is currently causing the song to go viral. He even put out an instructional video detailing every move.

I'll admit, the moves look a little complicated, but there's also a reason why I spend the majority of my time BEHIND a DJ Booth and not out on the dancefloor. Is this something you can see taking off? Could this be a new hot line dance for the summer?

Even that dancing weather reporter guy got in on the fun.

We previewed the song on our Bump It Or Dump It segment inside of the Morning Buzz and reactions were mixed, but people have been hitting us up ever since to get the title of the song.

Drop a comment and let us know how you feel about the latest country-rap line dance.

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