Blueface is blaming Chrisean Rock for his recent legal issues.

Blueface Blames Chrisean for Him Being on House Arrest

On Thursday (June 29), Blueface aired out his future child's mother Chrisean Rock, claiming he took the rap for Chrisean in his recent arrest for robbery and assault in Las Vegas earlier this month, and as a result, he has booted his pregnant partner from their home.

"I’m only on house arrest cuz I took all the charges for Rock," Blueface posted on his Instagram Story along with a screenshot of Chrisean appearing to apologize for the incident. "Y you think their is no warrant for her arrest. Y would I let her stay in my house when I’m stuck in another state and I got my BM ready to drive me with the kids. Rock is out Jaidyn is in it’s that simple."

"The best female is gone start none personal," Blueface added in a follow-up post. "I said no I’ll take the deal an plead guilty cuz her name is all in the work."

Blueface continued his exposé by sharing alleged police paperwork from his arrest that lists Chrisean Rock as getting into an altercation with the alleged victim.

“I got real paperwork f**k what anybody talmbout," Blueface wrote. "She just walking around socking people pregnant but I’m the bad guy."

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Blueface's Recent Arrest

Back on June 7, Blueface was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with assault and robbery in connection to an incident on that occurred on May 29 inside the Palms Casino Resort. According to a police report, the incident started when the alleged victim walked up to the couple and congratulated Chrisean on her pregnancy but said "F**k him" to Blueface. As a result, Chrisean reportedly punched the woman. The report goes on to claim Blueface then took the woman's phone before a member of their entourage punched the woman.

In other legal Blueface-related news, the rapper reportedly plans to plead guilty to a felony count of firing a gun into a vehicle and a misdemeanor battery charge in connection to his 2022 arrest for a shooting outside a Las Vegas nightclub. He was originally charged with attempted murder.

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