I've never seen anything like this. It went down at the Boston Bruins – Buffalo Sabres game last tonight (04/17/13) at the TD Garden, 17,565 proud Bostonians came together and joined as one to sing the national anthem. After it was over, the crowed cheered USA...USA . This will have you proud to be an American. Check out the video. It will definitely have you in tears.

With so much craziness going on this week. This video will put everything in perspective. Why we believe, why in tragedy people come together to show the bad people that they didn't make America weak. You only made America stronger. This video is proof of it .

There was also a moment of silence for all of the victims and families that were affected in the attacks.It was truly special to see everyone come together like that and join as one.


Photo: Bob DeChiara, USA TODAY Sports)