If your in school or college then you know the feeling of "this semester can't come to an end fast enough!" Well here is my top 5 reasons why my SUMMER SEMESTER NEEDS TO END!!!



1.) Lack of sleep: Since it seems like a trend to over load students with more homework than is necessary I can honestly say I have not been to sleep early than 2 in the morning......No wonder people tell me I look tired all the time.

2.) Reading: Very simple I don't like to read.........ok ok if you give me a pro sound or DJin magazine I can be entertained for HOURS!

3.) Long class periods: Not only do I go to class but do you think 2 hours per class in the summer is a little much? (I'm taking 2 classes......if you do the math.........that is a total of 4 hours of my day stolen from me)

4.) Parking on Campus: Where is the PARKING SPACES!?!?!?! I always have trouble finding a place to park lol.........maybe its because I always get to campus 5 minutes before class(It's a trend I need to break).

5.) No Partying: Between the long classes, monster loads of homework, and doing that homework until 2 or 3 in the morning........I can't go out that much........oh well only a week left then the fun begins!!!

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