Come December 1, 2014 all Pit bulls and Rottweilers are to be removed from homes and back yards according to the BSL law 'Breed Ban" in Moreauville, La.

A letter was sent out to residents saying citizens must get rid of their dogs by December 1 or they will be confiscated.

Below is the letter sent out to residents via

I had to read this twice. In my opinion it is unethical and unlawful to remove anyone's dog from their home. I thought this was America!

These dogs did nothing to be treated like this! Not only are they taking away these dogs from people's families, they are going to kill them! I don't care what type of law they passed, YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!

According to officials:

"They passed the ban at the request of several residents. These residents approached the council saying that they were unable to walk in certain neighborhoods because “these dogs were basically running along town.” Alderman Penn Lemoine said the ordinance was enacted to “appease” these residents."

They go on, saying:

"There have been attacks but none have been documented.  This begs the question, what sort of animal control is in place, or was in place, before the ban?  Was it being enforced?  At the very least, it is clear that any laws that were in place were not being enforced.  We are attempting to get a copy of any pertinent legislation for review, but at this time, it is unclear if there are any laws on the books, or if there is an animal control agent tasked with enforcement."


There is one family that owns a Pit Bull that has started a petition and Facebook page to save their dog called Saving Zeus. You can also go HERE to sign the petition.


According to the people of Moreauville, La  there is a false article going around New Orleans that the law was overturned. According to the Saving Zeus Facebook page, this is false!

The accurate one is THIS ONE ! The people of Moreauville, La are saying that the BSL law is on hold for now!

This whole thing is out of control!

We will update this post as we get more info!

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