Queen Britney Spears took to her Twitter recently to share with the world a little slice of her vacation in Hawaii with her boys Jaden and Preston, and uh, we’re kind of jealous.


“Getting ready for some pool time!” the singer wrote. “Having a blast xxoo.” And to add a little more fuel to the jealousy fire, she posted a picture of herself in a bikini and basically, the girl has seriously got it goin’ on!

The ‘X Factor‘ judge is flashing some serious toned abs and a smile, and it looks as though our girl is having the time of her life while on vacation. We kind of can’t figure out just how she makes time to brush her hair, let alone hit the gym while on tour with these ‘X Factor’ auditions, but hey, maybe judging does the body good.

But wait for it, because Brit, whose Twitter sometimes remains as quiet as a librarian, has been posting pictures and videos left and right, presumably to keep in the public eye due to her stint on ‘X Factor’ — and hey, we’re not complaining! She posted another family photo, this time with fiance Jason Trawick, and sons at a 4th of July celebration in the Aloha state. And are they not the picture of perfection? We can’t wait until Brit and Jason have a baby to add to their already adorable brood!

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