Kreayshawn went hard on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night (Sept. 17), performing the tough but still cute 'Go Hard (La.La.La)' and 'Gucci Gucci,' the latter of which put the Oakland brawler (we mean that lovingly) on the map. She has this innate edge, but she's also incredibly girly and perhaps that's why this white female rapper has quickly established herself as an "It" girl.

With a troupe of dancers and a DJ behind her, Kreay looked uber stylish in her pink skirt and black leather vest, along with ombre hair, when she performed 'Go Hard.' We bet her fans cop this look soon!

It was an energetic performance that could easily have been fueled by Red Bull. If you told us that Kreayshawn downed a case of the sugar free energy drink before commandeering the Kimmel stage, we'd believe it. She was on fire.

She continued the par-tay with 'Gucci Gucci,' only with less of an onstage entourage. She brought the hizzy down, that's for sure, and showed that she can command a crowd with her intense delivery, with or without support from dancers and DJs.

It was all about Kreay. Her album title sums it up. There is 'Somethin' Bout Kreay.'

Check out our exclusive chat with Kreay here. She muses about being a rapper, fashion and more.

Watch Kreayshawn Perform 'Gucci Gucci'