We've heard multiple apologies from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and now his wife is issuing her own personal apology.

Brees apologized to teammates, fans, and others who ripped him over he made comments that accused NFL players who kneel of "disrespecting the flag." After receiving immediate backlash, Drew apologized twice in as many days for his insensitive words.

Brees even responded directly to Donald Trump after the President tweeted that he should have never apologized, telling Trump the "protests were not about the flag."

On Saturday, Brittany Brees issued her own statement.

Brittany vowed to "do better" as she apologized for not listening and boldly exclaimed, "WE ARE THE PROBLEM." She added that she has educated her kids about "the horrors of slavery" but that it was "not enough." Brees promised that she would "listen and do better."

Personally, I believe Drew and Brittany to be sincere—and not because of how much money they've spent or the work they've done in their community. For me, the measure of Drew's character has always been his accountability, on and off the field.

I know my opinion may not match everyone else's, but I never saw the Brees' as racists or bigots. You see, the way that privilege works is that it puts you in a position where it's almost impossible for you to be aware of the full scope of issues that may be plaguing your community, even down to your closest friends and loved ones. Pair that with poor timing and comments that were easily able to broadcast out of context and that's all it took for them to get to this current situation.
But, I do believe the silver lining here is that two amazing people with an amazing platform are putting their amazing energy into amazing change. Regardless of our opinions or hot takes, the burden is on Drew and Brittany to show it through actions, and whether you agree with their decision or not really doesn't really matter to two people who plan to make good on their promise to change.

I'm here for it.

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