It's every teenagers dream to have money in their back pocket, and Brooklyn teenager Robert Salo, 18-years-old, will always have at least $1000 in his back pocket thanks to the New York Lottery's "Win for Life'' scratch-off game. For the REST OF HIS LIFE Salo will receive $1000 per WEEK from the lottery all because of his recent lucky hand.  Salo, who is graduating high school this month, told the New York Daily News he's ecstatic about the win. He says that this is the first thing he has ever won in his short life, and with the winnings he feels that this is a good way to start life.



According to NBC New York, the 18-year-old is one among several people from Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island to win the gift for life.

I have to ask, what do you think an 18-year-old will probably do with his first check from the lottery corporation. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that he is throwing a massive party somewhere. I'm sure he'll to save for his college years, but that will all come at a later date. This kid is about to have "all rounds" on him and you know that his friends can't wait to attach themselves. Imagine, he's receiving approximately $48,000 a year for the rest of his life for doing NOTHING!!! Life must be good for this young man.