National Popcorn Day goes under the category of 'A holiday we love to celebrate, but is not really a holiday'. In other words, a great excuse to eat tons of popcorn, and not feel guilty about it. Americans consume about 13 billion pounds of popcorn a year, more than any other country. And this year you can celebrate that indulgence on Sunday, January 19.

Whether you like salty, sweet, savory, or just plain buttered, popcorn is a treat that we can't get enough of. Especially in a state where food is king. We would love to see some cajun inspired flavors of popcorn, and some of my favorite suggestions are below. Be sure to chime in with your own recommendations, because we are always looking for new favorites.

  • Chicory, with Cream and Sugar
  • Crab Boil
  • Tony Chachere's Bold & Spicy
  • Hurricane (yes, the alcoholic drink made famous at Pat O'Brien's)
  • Bread Pudding
  • King Cake - with purple, gold, and green sprinkles, of course
  • Satsuma
  • Fig
  • Abita Root Beer
  • Tabasco with Chocolate
  • Bananas Foster
  • Absinthe, only for the brave
  • Steen's Syrup
  • Pop Rouge
  • Pralines and Cream
  • Tabasco


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