The United States and the whole world has been experiencing a shortage of items since the pandemic started in March of 2020.

A few of those items that have been hard to hold get ahold of are:

Pet Food
Building Materials
Dairy Products
Meat Products
Baby Formula

Now, there is another shortage on the horizon.

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It is projected that there will be a popcorn shortage, specifically movie theatre popcorn.

In a recent meeting of Movie Theatre Operators at CinemaCon, it was reported that many expressed nervousness about being able to stock their concession stands with all of the tasty treats we have come to expect.

“Popcorn supply will be tight,” Norm Krug, chief executive of Preferred Popcorn, a supplier of kernels to theater chains, told the Wall Street Times.

Unfortunately, it is just not popcorn that they are expecting to be in short supply this summer but there will also be issues getting buckets and bags for popcorn, along with cups and trays.

The reason for this potential shortage all has to do with supply chain issues.

People took to social media to express sadness that they may not have popcorn for their summer movies.

While others expressed disbelief with the news that a popcorn shortage may be on the horizon.

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