OK, if Baby Cajun Mermaiding is not already a "thing" -- it NEEDS to become one, ASAP. I almost ruined my laptop screen with my beverage as I LOL'd at this picture posted by my friend Kate Durio. As you can see her niece was totally uninterested in being a #BabyCajunMermaid.

We tried to make Rebecca a little Cajun mermaid. She was not amused.

A quick bit of research (a.k.a. Google) revealed the only mention of a Cajun mermaid is this story about a mermaid who helped an old Cajun fisherman and trapper find crawfish to feed his family.

While that story is kind of awesome, I think putting small children in discarded crawfish tails would be heavily frowned upon.

But, the thought that we could actually make #BabyCajunMermaid happen sounds very hilarious; not to mention, VERY easy to do.

Here's how you can join in on the #BabyCajunMermaid fun:

  • STEP 1: Find adult sized fishing/shrimping hip boot.
  • STEP 2: Find a baby, toddler, or small child.
  • STEP 3: Put baby, toddler, or small child in aforementioned boot.
  • STEP 4: Take photo of baby, toddler, or small child in boot.
  • STEP 5: Upload photo to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag #BabyCajunMermaid

Sounds easy enough, right? Have fun, don't harm the babies, and most importantly -- make sure those boots are clean!

Make sure you send me your photos to digital@1079ishot.com and I'll add them below as Baby Cajun Mermaiding takes Acadiana by storm.