New Iberia went viral after a camel was supposedly spotted hanging casually at what looked to be a car wash, but was it real?

The screengrab of a Snapchat story showing two men hanging out at what looked like a car wash with a camel and a dog quickly went viral on social media, prompting many to ask if it was really in New Iberia due to the geotag attached to the photo.

While many people shared this photo, the most viral post came from Joi'Cionna Mo'Naee Jenkins on Facebook.

Almost immediately, the comments began to pour in with reactions ranging from laughing emojis to people suggesting that the camel was purchased with the assistance of stimulus checks that were issued during the pandemic.


Other humorous comments stated that stimulus checks couldn't possibly cover the cost of a camel, insisting that it was purchased with a PPP loan. Lots of commenters had fun with that narrative.


The idea of a camel in any small town is enough to raise eyebrows and get lots of shares, but New Iberia seems to be legendary when it comes to these types of cahoots, so people had a field day with the idea that a camel was just chilling in the Berry.


Someone even asked Zoosiana if they were involved!

But was this camel even in New Iberia, and if not, where did this photo come from? Lafayette native and national recording artist Cupid (aka Bryson Bernard) posted the wild photo to his page, asking that exact same question, and soon got his answer.

According to a comment from Brittany Eaglebarger, the owner of the camel was on her Facebook friends list and apparently did this type of thing all the time in the Dallas area.


Someone else echoed Eaglebarger's claims with an unedited picture of the men hanging out with the camel suggesting it was snapped "somewhere off Cullen."

As it would turn out, the camel does have a name (Tazah) and his owner is Michael MJ Roberts who personally commented on the status update after being tagged, all but confirming he was the owner of the viral camel. While it wasn't a camel in New Iberia, it was still interesting to scour through Roberts' page to see all the places that he takes his camel.

This photo reposted by Roberts all but confirms his camel story due to the fact that it's the same scenario, but just from a different angle.

Also, a quick Google search pulls up the 1204 address that matches the photo, placing the camel at a self-serve car wash on the corner of E Red Bird Lane and University in Dallas, TX.

Google Maps

So, there you have it, folks. It was definitely fun while it lasted and it more than likely won't be the last time. But it will always be a good time.

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