A photo that emerged online of a couple getting up close and personal in a car wash bay has taken social media by storm.

The picture shows a woman playfully straddling a shirtless man while a tie-dyed-shirted lady captures the moment on camera. As the photo made its rounds on the internet, it left everyone asking two major questions - Where did this amusing scene take place, and was this a scandalous OnlyFans stunt or something more romantic?

Speculations about the location of the cheeky rendezvous ran wild among car wash enthusiasts in Lafayette, a city known for its affection towards car washes. Some thought it might be the touchless car wash on Congress Street, but to be fair, all car washes have a certain look and familiarity.

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The bigger question at hand was whether this impromptu display of affection was really for an OnlyFans-type shoot or just a spontaneous moment of passion while washing their fiery red Toyota pickup truck. As it usually goes on the internet, there was no shortage of theories.

Tracking down the origins of the viral photo led us to an unlikely source - the Loretto Police Department Facebook page. They posted the photo on July 31, and since then, it has garnered over 5,000 shares, nearly 10,000 comments, and more than 50,000 likes. Quite impressive numbers for an unconventional engagement photo shoot as photographers who intentionally post content like this can only wish to hit these marks.

According to the caption on the Facebook post, the photo was humorously dubbed an engagement photo shoot. It read, "What in the Alabama is going on here. It clearly says no loitering and you’ve still got time left on that wand son! She can wait, don’t waste those quarters! Wear your seat belt and don’t take your engagement pictures at the car wash! That’s what the low water bridge is for."

loretto police department car wash photo

The reactions to the photo were a delightful mix of concern and laughter, with the latter definitely taking the lead. Some people surprisingly supported the quirky idea, stating that it was a refreshing break from the usual engagement photoshoots amidst fields and lakes.

One enthusiastic commenter, Brian Gallet, applauded the couple, saying, "I think it's kinda cool to see people step outside the box. There's only so many ways you can do fields and lakes and an antique chair in a field. I hope they post 'em when they get 'em back!"

Devin Anderson chimed in with her own experience, revealing that she and her husband had done something similar with his Harley for their engagement session. "It was so much fun!" she exclaimed.

Photographer Yvonne Strauss even showed her support for such unique shoots, stating, "Photographer here, and I actually absolutely love this idea. I love getting to do out-of-the-box ideas with my clients. So much fun!"

The tide of comments soon shifted in favor of the unorthodox photoshoot, with many praising the creativity and expecting the final product to be nothing short of amazing.

Haylee Frueh had the perfect comment to sum it all up: "Let people enjoy their lives."

We couldn't agree more, and as we eagerly await the release of the final images, we extend our congratulations to the car wash couple on their engagement.

UPDATE: The internet did its thing and we were brought to Pixel Dust Photography by Kristine. It looks like the Texas photographer posted a few of the final images back in January on her official Facebook page.

We've reached out to Kristine for more information on the shoot and to discuss the hype around the viral BTS image of her car wash session.

Love finds its way into the most unexpected places, and in this case, it just happened to be a coin-operated car wash.

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