What's the current joke in Lafayette? Is it, "What Lafayette needs are more car washes and Mexican restaurants!"?

Yes. That's the current joke. And why is it funny? Because it seems that every time you turn around you bump into a new car wash or Mexican restaurant.

Here's the next question: what's wrong with car washes and Mexican restaurants? If people frequent them: nothing! Nothing at all. Both provide jobs and contribute to the tax base.

According to Developing Lafayette, the iconic Lafayette building that once housed both Copeland's and Fratelli's will finally be razed to make room for a car wash. We're not certain it will be razed but, as Developing Lafayette pointed out: can you imagine getting your car washed in that building? Nope.

Developing Lafayette's website features a photo of the building with a "Coming Soon! Take 5 Car Wash" sign displayed prominently out front. That location joins a few other "Take 5" outlets in Lafayette: an oil change location on Ambassador Caffery near Walmart and an oil change location on Pinhook at Marjorie, not far from the Vermilion River bridge, and the oil change/car wash location on Kaliste Saloom, across from Bayou Church.

2008 via Google Street View
2008 via Google Street View

What was once one of the go-to upscale dining establishments, the current eyesore (the above photo was taken in 2008) being gone will probably come as a relief for many. The addition of a car wash, though, might leave a sour taste in some mouths (have you ever tasted car wash soap? Blechhh!).

I, for one, still miss Copeland's. And to be honest, I miss Fratelli's, too! It was good Italian food and, if one took the time, conversation with the owners/operators of Fratelli's was quite interesting and entertaining.

Getting back to the new Take 5 location: when will construction start? We don't know, and neither does Developing Lafayette, but they are guessing it will be soon since the sign is up in the parking lot that says "Coming Soon!". Right?

Chick-fil-A via Google Street View
Chick-fil-A via Google Street View

The next question: will the construction begin before Chick-fil-A moves into their new location which, by the way, isn't even built yet? And, if so, will it cause even more of a disruption of traffic on Ambassador Caffery? Only time will tell.

Again, I am excited about the prospect of a new business opening in Lafayette!

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